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About Us

the professional land surveying team you can count on

Meet our directors

Land surveying is a profession with a diverse range of applications. At NPM Geomatics, our team is diverse too. We can help you with all your land surveying needs. 

Our directors are all registered professional land surveyors. This means they are qualified to offer you a comprehensive, professional service. 

Meet the rest of our team

A diverse and comprehensive team of land surveying specialists.

The NPM Geomatics land surveying team is made up of six professional land surveyors and four technical survey teams. Each team includes a survey technician and survey assistants. All our survey assistants are upskilled to ensure that they can provide semi-skilled support to their team leader. In addition, NPM Geomatics is committed to providing the opportunity for graduate surveyors to gain work experience. There is usually one or more in-service survey student on the team.

In the background, the survey teams are supported by a fully functional data processing office. We have specialists in CAD, GIS and 3D data rendering. 


Land Surveying in South Africa needs people who understand South Africa. NPM Geomatics is a transforming company that takes diversity and transformation seriously.

When you work with NPM Geomatics, you will experience what it means for a land surveying company to embrace the values that underpin South Africa’s Broad Based Black Economic Transformation (BBBEEE) policy.


We are proud of our transformation journey and the opportunity that this creates for young professionals of all races and genders to become professional land surveyors in private practice. 


More than 100 Years of Land Surveying in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

NPM Geomatics is a trusted, time-tested professional team, borne of the Eastern Cape. Our roots lie deep in the soils of Komani and East London. We are proud of our rich land surveying history.

The Horne brothers first opened their professional land surveying practice in Komani in 1905. Meanwhile, in East London, Parkin, Tomlinson and Partners was another land surveying firm that would stand the test of time. In 2002, the two firms merged under the Nzelenzele, Preston and Medcalf Land Surveyors brand. This practice now covered the entire province of the Eastern Cape and was re-branded to NPM Geomatics in 2007. 

Today, NPM Geomatics is the largest land surveying firm in the Eastern Cape.