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Sectional Title Surveys

by sectional title specialists

A Sectional Title scheme is often used to derive greater value from a property by creating more than one unit on a single erf.

Common sectional title schemes include blocks of flats, estates and townhouse developments. It is also possible for granny flats or semi-detached houses to be sectionalised and have a sectional title scheme created.

As a property owner, creating a sectional title scheme can be a beneficial way of managing a multi-tenanted property. It also allows for a unit to be sold off. In the case of flats owned by a single entity, choosing to sectionalise each unit may result in lower municipal rates. As a result, many investors choose to create a sectional title scheme across their property. 

When undertaking a sectional title survey, a Professional Land Surveyor will determine the position of each building or section, relative to the property boundaries.

The creation and amendment of a Sectional Title Scheme is governed by the Sectional Titles Act (95 of 1986). This requires that a Professional Land Surveyor, who has passed the Sectional Title exam, establishes and updates the sectional title scheme.

The land surveyor will measure and determine the median line of each unit. This defines the extent of each section and exclusive use areas within the scheme. This information is recorded on a sectional plan, which is lodged with the Surveyor General and the Registrar of Deeds.

A Sectional Title scheme allows for the creation of a development which includes owners’ sections, exclusive use areas and communal areas

It is important that a person buying into a sectional title scheme consults a Professional Land Surveyor to determine which areas they “own” and which only they have access to. In a sectional title scheme, the levies charged would ordinarily cover the costs of maintaining the communal areas, whilst the owner would be expected to maintain their own section and exclusive use areas.

A Professional Land Surveyor is required to register all changes on the sectional title plan over time.

This includes updating the changes made to owners’ sections and exclusive use areas. It is important to have a land surveyor register any extensions, consolidations or even demolished portions.

NPM Geomatics has three registered Sectional Title Land Surveyors available to assist property owners and developers with the creation and maintenance of sectional title schemes.