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Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys, Contour Surveys and Tachy Surveys

What is the Difference Between These Surveys?

A topographic survey is an accurate 3 dimensional survey which depicts the infrastructure, contours, natural and man-made features found on a site. A topographic survey may be conducted over a small, single residential property or a vast area of land, even in excess of 100 hectares.

A topographic survey might also be called a tachy survey. The term “tachy survey”, comes from the word “ tacheometric”, which is the old technique used to determine topography. Topographic survey and tachy survey are used interchangeably.

A contour survey is essentially the same thing. Although a contour survey would only provide the contours of the site. This would be used to determine the changes in elevation and the slopes on a site.

When Does a Property Developer Need a Tachy Survey?

Property developers, architects and engineers usually need a tachy survey of their site when they are developing new infrastructure or re-developing a site. This includes the installation of drainage channels and roads. Even the placement of a new building should be informed by a tachy survey which provides elevation and directional information.

At a larger scale, developers, planners, architects and engineers would require a tachy survey when designing a road upgrade, a water reticulation scheme or a new residential development, known as a township development.

Topographic Surveys at NPM Geomatics

NPM Geomatics is equipped to do simple site surveys for small building projects such as residential homes, schools and clinics.

With their large team of professionals and technicians, NPM Geomatics are also often appointed to undertake large scale topographical surveys, in excess of 100 hectares.

Managing their team to provide their client with the necessary data in tight deadline projects is just part of the job. NPM Geomatics has completed the surveys of large clusters of schools and clinics in the Eastern Cape, with delivery of up to 15 school or clinic sites completed per week. NPM has surveyed in excess of 1000 schools and clinic sites in the Eastern Cape.