NPM Geomatics

Subdivision Surveys

defining new property boundaries through subdivision

The subdivision of a property refers to the “cutting up” of a piece of land. There are a number of reasons that a property owner may want to subdivide their property.

In the case of residential developments, if the property is large enough it can be subdivided into more than one erf. This allows the owner to sell off or develop the additional land parcels. In this way, a property owner can realise far greater profits from this piece of land, whether simply developing one new property or a whole new residential complex or township.

In the farming context, a farmer may wish to sell, or swap, a piece of their land to their neighbour. Or, a family farm might be subdivided so that more than one heir can inherit the property.

Often, a provincial or national road will cut through a farm property. This is most commonly seen in rural areas.

In such a case, the property that the road cuts through will need to be subdivided to create a portion that is road reserve. NPM Geomatics has already subdivided more than 2,500 farms in order for the South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL) to take ownership of their road reserves. The company has subdivided most of the road reserves in SANRAL’s Southern region, and have also subdivided  road reserves as far afield as Lydenburg, T’Bantchu, Port Shepstone, Ladysmith and Plettenberg Bay. NPM Geomatics is currently contracted to undertake further road-related subdivisions for SANRAL.

NPM Geomatics has the necessary skills and resources to undertake any form of subdivision survey.

This includes the subdivision of a single residential erf, to the subdivision of a new township development or even the subdivision of a farm.

The Professional Land Surveyor will determine the new property boundaries and place new beacons along the new boundaries. The Subdivision Plan, which shows the newly created land parcels will be submitted to the Surveyor-General for approval. After Surveyor-General approval is received, the subdivision must be registered at the Deeds Office.