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Land Survey for Property Owners

Professional Land Surveyors are the only professionals qualified and authorised to determine property boundaries. Knowing your boundaries is one of the most important things for a property owner to know before they begin developing their properties.

But this is not all that a Professional Land Surveyor does for you as a property owner or property developer. When a property owner wants to realise greater value from their property, they might consider subdivision or consolidation  of their property. A subdivision of a property would result in two or more individual land parcels, which can then be developed as separate entities. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the size of a property to allow for a more profitable development. This is done through the merger or consolidation of adjoining land parcels. In other cases, sectionalising a property can be a viable way of increasing its profitability. A Land Surveyor from NPM Geomatics can guide you on which options are suitable for your property. And then they can submit all the necessary applications on your behalf and do the survey.

Once a property owner has decided to build on their land, they will often need the services of a Land Surveyor. At NPM Geomatics, we provide developers and property owners with accurate topographic information. We also survey roads and pipelines which gives developers greater control over the correct placement of critical infrastructure. And, a Professional Land Surveyor will also be able to undertake a servitude survey where necessary, to allow for access to common property or to allow right-of-way or pipe / cable  access across properties. Once the contractors are ready to come onto site, a good developer will make sure that the development has been set out by a Professional Land Surveyor. This gives the contractor correct reference points from which to build. And the developer is better able to ensure that the building is in the right place and facing the right way.

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