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Whether you are a private property owner or built environment professional, Our Services Are Designed to help you.

Land Survey for Property Owners

Land Survey for Built Environment Professionals

Why Choose us

We are professional land surveyors who give professional service.

NPM Geomatics is committed to delivering high quality survey and spatial information services. Big and small projects. We are able to respond quickly and have survey teams ready to serve you in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and into Africa.

All our surveys are conducted in terms of the applicable legislation and relevant survey specifications.

Client Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service and high quality survey deliverables. We take responsibility for our work, and omissions or gaps in data are dealt with promptly as a programming priority and as a result we have an extensive list of clients.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to pursue excellence for the benefit of our clients, staff, local communities, and business partners by offering outstanding service, comprehensive and complete survey data with efficient delivery, based on the highest standard of ethics, honesty, integrity & team-work.

Project Planning

All projects are carefully programmed to be executed efficiently and with minimal duplication. Due to our staff and equipment capacity, you benefit from our flexible approach to project and resource programming. Health and Safety is taken seriously on all projects.

Quotes & Estimates

When engaging with NPM Geomatics we provide you with detailed and comprehensive quotes for all aspects of a project, so you know exactly what the project deliverables are, what these will cost, and when and how the deliverables will be supplied