NPM Geomatics

Project Planning

flexible and responsive project planning

Have you had enough of missed deadlines? Is trying to align your client's timeframes with your professional team's availability giving you sleepless nights?

You need professionals who truly understand project planning in the context of your dynamic environment.

At NPM Geomatics, we understand how important it is for you to be able to be responsive to client needs and changes in their programmes. We also know that these situations are often caused by factors outside your control. 

This is why we developed an in-house programming tool that maximises efficiency and minimises delays. This bespoke tool means that your project will experience fewer delays. Your clients will be happier. And you can sleep easy, knowing that NPM Geomatics goes the extra mile to provide high quality, professional service.

Quotes and Estimates

Many people ask: How much will it cost to do a survey?

At NPM Geomatics, we know that cost and quality of data is critical to your project.

Our professional service begins even before you have appointed us. We will always provide you with a detailed and comprehensive quote for all aspects of a project. We want you to know exactly what the project deliverables are, what these will cost, and when and how the deliverables will be supplied. 

You benefit by being able to compare quotes accurately and make an well-informed choice of service provider. In the event that the project scope changes, you will be advised of the cost impact of these changes as they become known.